We founded Retroplast Service Ltd in 2018, based on 10 years of professional experience spent in plastics industry. Our profile is waste management, our main activity is plastic recycling.

Nowadays, waste management is one of the biggest issues to be solved.

  • In most cases, industrial wastes and finished products from plastic processing will be deposited at waste collection points, landfills, and incineration, where they will be utilized energetically, in the most optimal case. However, most energy can be gained by recycling materials.
  • It is a well-known fact that 300,000 tons of plastic waste is generated annually!
  • Our goal is to return the products to the industry and to remake products from the ingredients. This way we will contribute to the annual reduction of the huge amount of waste.

The waste arriving at our site is treated, separated, and, as needed, ground, and is returned to the circulation for industrial use as secondary raw material. Thus, we will protect our environment, and our country will save raw materials and energy.

We strive to do our work with the greatest humility and care in order to increase the number of our satisfied customers by meeting the delivery and production deadlines.

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